rain check

Happy Friday, everyone! Big plans for the weekend? I am going to a baseball game and riding my bike to the Farmers' Market. So, in other words, I am going to heaven. I hope you have something equally delectable planned.

For those of you planning to spend your Saturday morning at the Shabby Apple Garden Party sale, though, I am afraid I have some bad news. (Don't shoot the messenger, OK?) Seems there is going to be some bad weather this weekend, and some other bumps in the proverbial road as well, so I am sorry to announce that the sale is off.

I know.

I am sorry.

Let's all take a minute.

Need a tissue?

There, there.

The silver lining is, we are still giving away the Cider dress from The Berkshires to one lucky blogger! And, there are still other really great things going on here. And, you all mean a whole lot to us, so we are going to make it up to you for sure.


Thanks, guys. You're the best.


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