A Contest of National Importance

Here is some Monday morning news you can use. Right now, this very moment, over on the Shabby Apple Facebook page, we are having a contest. A wonderful magical contest.

This wonderful magical contest is to help you get excited about our upcoming line of wonderful magical dresses, Yosemite. Like you need any help getting excited about a new line of Shabby Apple dresses, right?

Anyway, back to the wonderful magical contest. It's quite simple, really. Just head over to the Facebook page, find the collage you see above, and leave us a comment on the picture with your name and the name of your favorite National Park.

Now, here is where the work starts. Once you've left your comment on the photo, get as many people as you can to "Like" your comment. Tell all your friends! Tell your mom and dad! (Are they on Facebook? Mine are. Wierdsies.) Tell your co-workers, the grocery store clerk, that cute guy at the gym! Tell everyone you can to "Like" your comment. Because the person with the best-liked comment is the winner! And the winner wins the dress of their choice from the new collection. (The rest of you will have to wait until the beginning of September.)

How wonderful! How magical!

You have until Friday, 6p.m. Mountain (Standard? Daylight? I have no idea) Time to take advantage. So, hop to it! And may the most popular comment win!


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