A Sale with Style

Today I was walking down the hall at work and there was this woman walking towards me and when we passed each other in the hall with our early-week frowns on our faces she said, "Is it Friday yet?" and I said, "I wish" and man, did I mean it.

But do you know what is going to be even better than Friday? Saturday! Because this Saturday is the annual Shabby Apple Garden Party dress sale. And that means that your favorite Shabby Apple dresses are going to be available to you, our loyal and much beloved customers, for outrageous prices. Have you heard that some dresses will even be as low as $5? Because it's the truth!

It also means a chance to break out your best Roaring Twenties finery, because the 1920s are the theme of the morning, and we want to see you in your very best. What's that you say? You would be more likely to doll up if there were prizes for the best dressed? Very well! Consider it done!

And, as if this deal could get any sweeter, there is more.

If you happen to have a little blog of your own, you might consider putting up a little post about our little Garden Party, with a link back to our site. Leave us a link to your blog in the comments section of this post, and you could be the winner of the straight-up darling Cider dress from our new line of fall dresses, The Berkshires. We'll select a winner at random from among all the commenters, but remember, you have to link back to our site to be eligible.

And, of course, if you don't win a dress, just stop by the Garden Party and buy one for practically nothing anyway. Win, win, win!

The pertinent details once again:

What: Shabby Apple Garden Party dress sale
When: THIS SATURDAY, August 28th, from 8a.m. to 12 noon. (The early bird gets the worm and all of that)
Where: 2485 Haven Lane, Salt Lake City, UT
Why: Are you even asking me that question?

See you there!


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