Have you Heard?

Next Saturday there's a pretty big deal happening in Provo, UT. Have you heard? You may be thinking I'm talking about the Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple but I'm not. That's a big deal too but the big deal I'm talking about happens before that and involves free candy for kids and discounted Shabby Apple dresses. Anyone? Anyone? That's right! It's the Shabby Apple Easter Egg Hunt and Trunk Show at the Riverwoods in Provo.

It's not too often that you get to try on Shabby Apple dresses to your heart's content without paying for shipping fees but this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly that occasion. We've partnered up with the Riverwoods in Provo and this event is going to be stellar.

Maybe you've been thinking about this dress for your little lady for Easter--It'll be there; she can try it on and you can see just how darling it looks IRL.

Let's say you've been thinking that this dress would be perfect for you for Spring (you're right by the way) but you don't know what size to order and you don't want to pay shipping. Done and done. Just come to the Riverwoods on Saturday March 27th from 10-2 and it's yours.

Ok, enough shamless publicizing (almost). There are just 2 more things that I need you to do. 1) We don't do these types of events that often and the last time we did (in August mind you) it rained. So cross your fingers for good weather. Easter Egg Hunts in the rain = no muy bueno and 2) You're the most well-connected people we know and we'd like to use that. So, if you write a post about this event on your blog and grab this darling little button
we'll enter you in a drawing to win this little number from our Baja line.
That's right. A free dress just for posting about our party on your blog. Easy enough right? Just leave us a link in the comment section and you're entered! Winner will be announced at the event and they can pick up their dress there (or we'll ship it to you if you're not around).
But you should come. We'll see you on Saturday--rain or shine. (but we hope it's shine)


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