South of the Border Style

It is that time of year when cold, gray weather is getting pretty darn old and we all start longing for the warmth and sunshine of Spring and Summer.

Dear Winter, we are over you.

To escape the bleak mid-winter blahs I am off to Australia!

(Yes, you should feel very jealous. Go ahead.)

But before I leave, I am going to let you in on a little secret that will help you get through these last few yucky weeks (months? I hope not) of Old Man Winter.

On March 9th, Shabby Apple is releasing a new slew of fabulous women's dresses. The desert inspired Baja Line will transport you to Old Mexico before you can say, "Another margarita, please!" Fancy yourself skipping through an Old Spanish Mission with the Sundace Kid on your arm, and the bleak winter will be nothing but a bad memory.

If you're looking for a little advanced sunshine in your wardrobe, pick up a swingin' fedora like this one,

and some cargos like this,

or this cargo skirt,

to bring a little south-of-the-border flair to what you wear.


I am passing the blog into very capable hands while I am away, so keep checking back for more information about the Baja Line and much more!


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