Always A Bridesmaid

Everyone raise your hand if you've heard these words come out of the mouth of a well-meaning bride: You can totally wear it again!

Yeah. Right.

But you deserve to get something for suffering through unflattering shapes, colors and fabrics, right?


In honor of the launch of the new Golden Gate Bridesmaid line from Shabby Apple, we are hosting a competition to find the ugliest bridesmaid dress of all. The winner will get a free Shabby Apple Golden Gate dress of her choice. (In one of nine gorgeous colors, no less.)

Here is what to do. Between now and April 5th, you must post a picture of you (yes, you, not some poor sucker you found on the Internet. And we will find you and punish you if you cheat) in the ugliest bridesmaid dress you have ever had to wear at a wedding. Pictures should be posted on the Shabby Apple Facebook page. (And hey, why don't you become a fan of Shabby Apple on Facebook while you're at it. Just saying.) You must also post a link to the Shabby Apple dress (any one will do) that you would rather have worn.

Remember, no link means no entry.

On April 5th our talented judges will go through and select five finalists. Then you'll have a chance to vote on the least fair dress of them all, just in time for the April 9th launch of the Golden Gate line.

So, to sum up: picture of you in an ugly bridesmaid dress+link to a lovely Shabby Apple dress=a chance at a free dress for you!

May the best girl, and the worst dress, win!


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