Charmed, I'm Sure

I was catching up over on Have A Cute Day yesterday (how do those sisters do it?) when I came across this photo of Kjrsten and her darling state charm necklace, one charm for each state where she has lived.

Jewelry as nostalgia-- I love it!

So I took quickly to the Internet and started a search for a state charm necklace of my very own. I couldn't find anything quite so colorful as what Kjrsten is modeling here, but I did dig up a few options.

For some sleek, silver state charms, check out Victoria's Vintage Charms.

Or, if a ready-made version is more up your alley, check out these loaded bracelets from Eclecticala. Each one has a different theme with corresponding charms, including some state charms and other USA landmarks like Mount Rushmore.

If you are looking for something more colorful, and you happen to be from Rhode Island, you are in luck at at Vintage Charm Jewelry.

And you Floridians might be interested in this brightly colored find.

I loved these next state charms because they had a little more detail inside the state lines (I adore the Colorado cowboy!), but they don't have every state.

I am putting my own necklace together with Utah, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts and Colorado.
What would your state charm necklace include?


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