Who's Your (Customer Service) Mama?

Happy Friday, Shabby Apple fans! And welcome to another installment of our Seedlings feature. (Still super proud of that name, BTW.)

Today I am delighted to introduce you to one Mary Braun, the happy voice on the other end of the line when you call with questions or compliments about your Shabby Apple order. (Let's hope it's more of the latter.) I would love to have given you a picture of the face to go along with the voice, but Mary is a little preoccupied right now having a baby, so pictures will have to wait. In the meantime, here are some of Mary's thoughts on a few Shabby Apple favorites.

One of the most interesting (and completely awkward) jobs I’ve had in my life was working with a DNA company. I would call people up and ask them to share their stories of different DNA testing they had done, sometimes learning WAY more about a stranger than I ever thought possible over the phone (think serious Jerry Springer material).

For nearly two years now, I’ve worked at Shabby Apple, handling almost all of your customer service inquiries. Although I have never had to personally pry for your information, I have had some good laughs about how much women divulge about their bodies to complete strangers through email, over the phone, and even face to face. I’ve talked with many of you about the havoc pregnancy wreaks on your bodies and the challenges that come from being exceptionally petite to extraordinarily tall. We’ve talked boobs, thighs, torsos, the mom pooch, broad shoulders, legs, you name it. It’s all been up for discussion at some point here.

I have often wondered if any of you have ever considered who I was and what gave me so much authority and expertise on fashion and why I am ever so willing to give advice so freely. I’m here to set the record straight once and for all:

I’m actually a man.

(No, but seriously, would you die?!)

I am 100% female—just ask my husband. (Yeesh! I can produce some serious lady drama!) I can completely relate to all your dress-finding concerns, because I have those concerns myself. I think I’ve been a sturdy size 12 since the 9th grade and, although I love my lean calves and sexy ankles, would not be opposed to getting some type of trade out for my flabby arms and doughy tummy. HOWEVER (and it’s a big however) that hasn’t exactly happened yet. My best kept secret is that I still wow the crowds because I have subscribed to the Shabby Apple ideology: All women can look awesome in a dress!

Apart from the fact that I am about 47 weeks pregnant (okay 39, but come on already!) I do have some dress favorites that make me feel anywhere from drop dead gorgeous to dang stinking adorable—even as an incredibly pregnant mama. If you haven’t jumped on these dresses yet, it’s ‘bout time to get busy, ladies:

Antiquated: Would any of you be opposed to slipping on this sexy number for a romantic night out with your favorite guy? I highly doubt it. The flattering cut and stretch of this fabric makes it a winner on almost every body type.

Daisy: This dress screams adorable! It comes with a yellow ribbon, and I love to pair it with some matching yellow flats. But switch it up with something like lime green ribbon and pink shoes and you have yourself an entirely NEW (and still adorable) ensemble to traipse around town in!

Barefoot in the Park/Pretty in Pink: If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how important it is to feel comfortable and still look cute. This dress, although not listed in our maternity section, is still a great option for pregnant women (I would just order a size up). Dress it up with a dangly necklace and bangle bracelets for a nicer event, or throw on the flip flops for an easy breezy look.

And, until you find your perfect Shabby Apple dress, keep the inquiries and stories coming. I’m always up for some great conversation!


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