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There is never a dull moment around Shabby Apple HQ.

Which is probably just what you would expect for an awesome place filled with awesome people.

And now you can be part of the excitement! Right here! On this very blog!

Starting today, and on every other Friday forevermore, we will feature a piece from one of our fantastic Shabby Apple interns. I think we shoud call them seedlings. How about you? Our seedlings are going to keep us in the loop about everything that is happening at Shabby Apple, and in their own not-too-shabby lives.

How does that sound?

To start us off, here is a little something from Seedling Rodney.


My Run-in with a Top Model
A Dream Come True for a Reality TV Fanatic

Recently I had the opportunity to head east to “The Big Apple” and just be a tourist in one of the most fascinating and talked about cities in the U.S. My wife and I set out with two missions: eat some incredible food, and spot someone famous. Although we didn’t reach our goal of rubbing elbows with Oprah or Obama (neither of whom live in New York City, but both of whom were there at the same time as us), we did have a run-in with a wannabe Top Model. It was Celia from the most recent ANTM cycle.

It was Saturday afternoon, and we were in Greenwich Village searching for a cold treat to cleanse our over-stimulated pallets. I noticed a very tall and skinny woman who suddenly became a familiar face. After all, we had watched her week after week battling it out with a house full of equally tall, skinny, and beautiful girls. She had made it to the final four and was our pick to become America’s Next Top Model. We asked for a photo and expected her to reluctantly pose and then move along, probably on her way to a casting or photo shoot.

What we didn’t expect was how down to earth and genuinely charming Celia would be. Of course she’s no A-Lister, but I expected at least a hint of beautiful woman syndrome. She took time to get to know us, and immediately admitted that she was “such a dork, just reading an article about myself on my iphone.” She was happy to be recognized and to have a couple of fans from a faraway place. After chatting it up on the corner of Bleeker and Grove, she told us she was on her way to get some frozen yogurt, and invited us along. What a treat, indeed!

One of the reasons Celia wowed the Top Model judges week after week was because of her personal style. She knows how to dress, and the judges even told her she could have another career as a stylist. She was able to find simple outfits that made lasting impressions. This day was no exception.

Her attitude about dress reminds me of Shabby Apple. Shabby Apple makes dresses that cover well enough so that women don’t have to add tank tops or slips. And their dresses are made for every body type, not just size 2s like Celia! Basically it’s an uncomplicated and sure-fire way to look good and feel comfortable any time you step out of the house.

Which is pretty important because as you never know when you'll be spotted, recognized, or invited out for frozen yogurt with a Top Model!


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