Rain, Rain, Come Again

I am learning many things since my recent relocation to the East Coast. One of which is that you should have an umbrella with you all the time. At all times. All the time. No exceptions. It rains here a lot. You might say it rains all the time.

The good news is, while the prim and proper businessmen of D.C. have to carry big, black, boring umbrellas, I can add a little flair with my rain protection. And so can you. Check out these adorable options.

If you want to blend in with what's happening above your head, try this rain drop patterned umbrella from

Or if you want to offset the gray skies, try these bright and bold stripes, also from

For a little old-fashioned flair, check out these custom umbrellas from The pagoda-style canopies have just the right amount of vintage flair, and the handles come separately, so you can mix and match all you want.

And if you want a better view of what's coming down, maybe one of these clear options will appeal to you, both from (A little rain and a little love? Yes, please!)

With one of these in your hand, you'll be begging the rain to stay.

And, around here at least, the rain just might oblige.


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