Pic-Nic, Pic-Chic

It is the season of picnics. (I happen to have one later this week.)

Here are some things I love about picnics:




Lots of dessert!

Outside, outside!

Checkered table cloths!

Potato salad!

Bare feet in the grass!

Here are some things I don't love about picnics:



Any and all bugs!

The possibility of being a bird poop target!

Flimsy paper plates!

I can't keep my different foods from touching each other!

And, of course, what to wear?!? You need something that will keep you cool while still looking cool. Something that is not schlumpy (yes, I made up that word. And I bet you know exactly what I mean, too) but that can still get a little messy (that croquet can really get out of hand). Something cute and summery and light that you can still wear while sitting on the ground without giving away the farm.

Ah, the dilemma.

Never fear, my picnicking posse! Here are some solutions.

Bermuda Traingle

Bermuda shorts or walking shorts are a great answer to the question: What will keep me cool, comfortable and covered up? Instead of a heavy denim, go with khaki or a fun seer sucker fabric. Pair your shorts with a light-weight top and you'll look and feel cool until the cows come home.

A not-too-revealing sundress, especially one with a longer skirt, is also a good option.

Top It Off

A hat or visor is a perfect accessory for your outdoor ensemble. It's a great way to add a little picnic pizzazz, and will also keep you safe from too much sun. Go with a wide brim for the maximum coverage and style.

Avoid Accessories Overload

A casual picnic is not the place for your fancy jewelry. Besides the fact that it might get lost, it will also be sorely out of place you might wish that you could lose it. Instead of glittery baubles, stick with a simple watch and maybe a small pair of earrings or an understated necklace. Anything more will be too much.

Take a Tote

A tote can fit everything you need-- a camera, cell phone, sunscreen and even a sweater for the cooler evening hours-- and gives you a chance to add both style and function. (Oh, how I love efficiency!) Consider sticking with a darker color that doesn't show outside dirt so easily.


As is often the case, footwear can be the biggest challenge to your picnic duds. You won't be running a half marathon around the back door, so sneakers seem like overkill, but if you'll be playing frisbee or volleyball sandals don't quite cut it either. The answer lies somewhere in between. Go with a low canvas skimmer or another sporty slip-on. It will be just right.

And now, off you go!

Just save some lemonade for me!

{Like what you see? Shorts and visor from Nordstrom, tote from ebags and skimmers from Nordstrom. Loving style advice from me.}


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