Shabby On The Go: Yipes, Stripes!

 Ready for another installment from our traveling blogger? Take it away, Erin!

For the last three weeks I have been staying in Brittany—the north-western part of France—which I delightedly discovered is birthplace of the sailor stripe.  Are you as stripe crazy as I am?  Because I love them.  In fact, I realized the other afternoon, when I popped into a shop that sells all sorts of maritime-inspired attire, that i was, in fact, wearing a sailor-stripped shirt whilst looking at other sailor striped shirts.  Hmmm….that's a bit meta. 

Since arriving in Europe, I have been seeing stripes just about everywhere. Here are four looks at how gals on this side of the pond are rocking everyone's favorite pattern…

This adorable gal was selling marshmallows in Portobello Road market, and I couldn't get over the great combination of bold chevron stripes balanced out by her soft chambray shirt tied up at the waist. It felt put together but still a little playful.

The black and white stripped look is great when paired with a punchy accent color, like this gal's bright mustard shoes.  You can also create the illusion of a slimmer waist by adding a blazer or cardigan over vertical stripes, or belting it at the waist.

I couldn't help myself: when I saw this Marc Jacobs dress on the racks at Galleries Lafayette I just had to try it on. I loved the boat neck and the dark band accenting the waist, plus the subtle hints of color with the classic navy and white stripe.  If only it had a price tag less than a whole paycheck, it would have been mine!

Stripes don't always have to be bold, either. When I saw this young lady in London, I instantly fell in love with her soft sage striped dress and wonderful wool scarf (it is STILL chilly here!). It was subtle and a bit romantic, and made an impression without being punchy.

Love stripes? Shabby Apple's got some great ones… have you seen the new navy blue and white striped dress, Racquet Club,  or the geometric striped skirt, Crosswalk,  from the Block collection? 

And tell us, what is your favorite way to rock a stripe?


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