Spring Feast, Easter Dinner

We're having the whole family, plus some friends who are like family, over for Easter dinner this year. It's going to be a party. It's also going to be a lot of work/cooking.

Luckily, I delegated a lot of it.

Also luckily, I came across this full Easter dinner menu, complete with recipes, while I was browsing the blessed Internet the other day. It was so great to find so many things all in one place. I am using a lot of these ideas, and if you are looking for some Easter menu inspiration I recommend that you should use them, too.

The Appetizer

I am going to stick with the tried and true Martha Stewart deviled eggs, but these deviled eggs with smoked salmon and herbs sure do look delicious.

The Vegetable

In my eyes, no Easter dinner is complete without some asparagus, and I think it's rather ingenious to combine it with a salad, like this asparagus and spring greens salad with gorgonzola vinaigrette. Heaven.

The Main Dish

I've been toying with the idea of making a pork loin instead of a ham, but this recipe for baked ham with rosemary has me pretty tempted. I might just have to try it and save the pork loin for another fancy time.

The Potato Side

I'm usually a sucker for mashed potatoes, and scalloped potatoes also have a soft spot in my Easter heart. But I like how this roasted fingerling potatoes and artichoke dish makes use of in-season veggies. The Easter bunny would approve, I think.

The Carbs

This might be my favorite thing on this menu. Hypothetically, of course, since I haven't made any of it yet. But man, do these parmesan and thyme rolls look divine. And easy. I am a new bread-maker so anything with "no knead" in the title wins me over pretty quickly.

The Dessert

This isn't from the pre-approved menu, but my family is an Easter trifle sort of family, so a trifle is my go-to Easter dessert. And my go-to trifle recipe for a while has been this three berry lemon trifle recipe. I usually omit the slivered almonds, but to each his own.

And I'd say that's a feast! What are your favorite Easter dinner dishes, and what will you be whipping up this year?


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