Color Block Your Face

Hey there. Did you know color blocking isn't just for your clothes? You can even color block your face! And here's Sophia to show us how.

Do you colorblock?

Well do ya? It is all the rage, have you jumped on board yet? I have often found myself in front of the mirror in bright blue jeans and a magenta top only to turn around as soon as I walk out the front door to swap one of the items for something a little less, let’s see, BOLD.

Have the same dilemma? Stick around, I may have the cure just for you. Here is my bright idea: colorblock YO face! I know, sounds crazy but it is just the opposite. You can add a pop of a bright color to your ensemble just by wearing a bright lipstick or a swipe of fun eye shadow.

Some of the highly glamorous Shabby Apple interns let me play makeup on them, hope you love it as much as we do!

For Heather we added a pop of electric blue eyeliner to her otherwise conservative outfit, such a easy way to dress up a simple look and give it an element of fun.

On darling Jessica that teal shirt was just begging for some hot pink, maybe she did not want to go as bold as a hot pink jean, but we are in love with the luscious hot pink lip!

Blue eyed Jane is perfection in this orange top. I adore the pop of electric yellow on just the center of her lid, blended out with a soft brown shadow and light gold, this is a bright surprise when she bats her long lashes.

Last but certainly nor least is Hannah. Can we say Ann Hathaway lookalike? Even if you are wearing a neutral color pallette you can still add a element of colorblocking by wearing a dark berry stained lip. This option gives you a distinct look without being too bright.

I would love to see how you color block your makeup, so send me a picture at sleasure{at}shabbyapple{dot}com. 

Happy colorblocking!


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