Just For Moms

I know it seems like you were just filling Easter baskets and ordering flowers for your mom's birthday (just me?) but Mother's Day is just around the corner so the gift-giving has just begun!

Luckily, we have a little Mother's Day Gift Guide just for you.

You're welcome!

My mom happens to love shiny jewelry, so I think this gold link necklace would be an excellent choice for her.

And, because I definitely deserve a gift for being such a good daughter, I think getting a pair of these on-trend neon wedges is totally in order.

Miss James over at Bleubird Vintage also has some great Mother's Day ideas for you.

When my mom and I went to Australia a couple of years ago we picked lychee fruit right off the tree, so this lychee perfume seems like a particularly good gift choice.

One for her, one for me?

What are you planning to get your mom for the big day?


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