Sidle Up To Sidesaddle

In honor of our new equestrian-inspired line of dresses, Sidesaddle, I did a little Google search of celebrities with their horses. But all that came up were some really unflattering comparison shots of Sarah Jessica Parker (how rude!) and some really risque shots of Angelia Jolie and Gisele Bunchden (how unsurprising!), so I gave up.

Next I did a little Google search for celebrities at the Kentucky Derby, because who doesn't want to see beautiful people in beautiful hats? But all those pictures were mostly of the Kardashians and Heidi Montag (remember her?) and that did not meet my criteria.

So I think you can see the pickle I am in.

I guess the best I can do is tell you that my favorite dress from the new Sidesaddle line is this one:

I love the contrasting color-blocking, I love the way it looks like you are wearing a jacket but you're not, I love the extra oomph of the puffed sleeve, I love the way I could wear this to work or on a date or to church or to an office party. I love the way you can dress it down with funky cowboy boots or dress it up with platform heels.

I love, I love, I love.

In a dress like that, you could certainly go on an adventure like this:

And easily win the heart of a man like this:

And I wish you all the best in doing both.

First though, spill your campfire-baked-beans.
Which Sidesaddle dress has you ready to ride off into the sunset?


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