climb every mountain

A few years ago my friend Sarah started a tradition called Summit September, wherein she climbed to the top of a mountain every week in the month of September. If you are wondering whether my friend Sarah is completely amazing, the answer is yes.

And, just to add a little spice to the adventure, Sarah climbed mountains in a skirt. Because the West was won by women in skirts, after all.

Now, I prefer to scale my mountains in shorts and sensible shoes, but I am all about adding spice to adventure, and Shabby Apple's line of new fall dresses, Yosemite, is basically perfect for that. And anything can be won in a Shabby Apple dress, after all.

I think I could win a race to scramble up a boulder just in time to watch the sunset in these romantic, flirty ruffles.

And I think I could win at building (and then cuddling) by a cabin fire in this autumn-ready plaid.

And I think I could win at reeling in a delicious fish for dinner in these scallops.

And I think I could win at pretty much anything in life in this flattering peplum waist.

And, speaking of wins, right now if you enter the word 'yosemite' at check out, you'll get free shipping through September 15th.

Let the winning adventures begin!


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