East Side Story, West Side Story

I bet I know what you were thinking when you woke up this morning. You were thinking, "You know what they haven't had a lot of over at Shabby Apple these days? Contests!"

Well, do I have some good news for you! We are having a contest! Right now this very minute, over on our Facebook page. It goes like this.

We want to know what you think is better: East or West.

Are you into clam bakes or barbecues? Leaf peeping or Lake Powell? Manhattan Beach or Cape Cod? Mission style stucco or Red brick colonial? The Hiltons or the Kennedys?

With our newest lines, The Berkshires and Yosemite, Shabby Apple is now bi-coastal and we want to know what coast is your favorite. So, head over to the Facebook page and let us know whether you are an East Coast Girl or a West Coast Girl. The coast with the most votes (rhyme!) gets free shipping on its corresponding line. So there's a win-win.

But, it doesn't end there!

Because I know that the second thing you thought this morning was, "You know what I need? A new fall wardrobe!" Well, check it.

Whoever can get the most of their friends to "Like" Shabby Apple, Facebook style, between now and October 5th will win three FREE dresses and three FREE accessories! Holla! Have all your friends become fans of us, and then make sure they send an e-mail with YOUR NAME as the subject line to

And you know how cranky I get about contest cheaters, so please. Only friends who have "Liked" Shabby Apple for the first time between now and October 5th will be counted. No retroactive friend-counting allowed. Because you don't want to make me cranky, right?


So, the East Coast, West Coast, friend coast battle is on!

Best of luck!


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