falling slowly

It is slowly but surely becoming Fall around here, which is slowly but surely making me really, really happy. It is also putting me in the mood for some serious back-to-school shopping. Never mind that I haven't been in school for, well, awhile. Something about the Fall always makes me want to stock up on new favorite things.

If you're feeling the same way, check out this list of Fall Essentials from The Washingtonian.

I am totally into this adventure chic safari jacket:

These totally bold and fun and flirty stripes:

And these classy, office-to-evening tie-front blouses:

Other Fall essentials I am looking forward to: boots, boots and more boots and scarves, scarves and more scarves. And this new tweed skirt I totally splurged on:

I have my eye on this one, too:

And, all right fine, I'll confess that I am drooling over these boots as well:

What's that? Why, yes! My birthday is coming up! How sweet of you to ask.

For now, I am going to settle for pulling my sweaters and other Fall treasures out of the basement and rediscovering them as if they are brand new.

What Fall Favorite can't you wait to see again?


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