Pie In The Sky

Is your week off to a good start? Do you want me to make it better? I'd love to!

First of all, we are going to be hosting the illustrious Leslie Graff on this blog through the rest of the week, starting tomorrow. Leslie is a lady and a scholar and a domestic goddess and a painter who is currently working on a series of truly stunning paintings depicting women engaged in the lovely details of every day life. Her work looks a little something like this.

If you like what you see here you're just going to want to keep reading. Trust me on this one.

In addition to stunning us with her wit, wisdom and style, Leslie will be helping us unveil Boysenberry Pie, Shabby Apple's new line of truly scrumptious, vintage-inspired aprons. It is so cute it will make your teeth hurt. Each apron comes with straight up adorable-ness and a pie recipe. Making a pie while wearing a darling apron? Don't mind if I do.

But, this is the thing. There are as many delicious pie recipes as there are people in the world. And we want to hear yours. Will you share?

This is the way it is going to shake (and bake) down.

You put up a post on your own blog with your favorite pie recipe. Maybe it's your grandmother's recipe. Maybe it is the pie you have eaten every Thanksgiving of your life. Maybe it's the kind of pie you ate at your wedding, or the day your first child was born. Give us your recipe and tell us the story that goes along with us.

Also in the p0st, link back to Shabby Apple so all your friends know about the good things we have going on around here these days. (Be forewarned: if there is no link to our site in your post, it will be disqualified from the contest. Don't say I didn't tell you.) Then come back to this post and leave us a comment so we know where to find you.

We'll leave the contest open until this Friday, July 16th. This is a quick one, so get cracking!

Using a random number generator, we'll pick three semi-finalists and we'll spend the weekend baking (I know, such a hard life) to find the winner! We'll announce the winner next Tuesday, as soon as we have recovered from our pie comas.

The winner will receive a complete set of Domestic Art notecards for a total of 15, one for each of the completed paintings in Leslie's series, all hand-signed, titled and individually sleeved, PLUS a 20 x 30" hand-finished and signed giclee print of the Domestic Art painting of their choice.


If you don't want to win this contest, I quite frankly do not know what is wrong with you. So stop reading this post and get posting!

And stop by tomorrow for our first post from Leslie, plus some more sneak peeks of Boysenberry Pie.

May the best pie win!


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