Don't Cut These Apron Strings

I moved over the weekend and my new kitchen is a total and complete disaster with boxes filled with who-knows-what stacked up to the ceiling. We are eating off paper plates and using plastic forks and knives and drinking out of the faucet because who can be bothered to unpack over a no-work-for-three-days weekend?

I am really, super-duper excited to use my new kitchen, though, and am already brainstorming all sorts of ways to spice it up. Like some adorable, vintage-inspired curtains to match the red KitchenAid. And maybe some floral hot pads and oven mitts. Oh, and maybe a darling 1950s-style apron, like this one, coming to Shabby Apple next week?

You read that right cats and kittens. This so-cute-it-hurts kitchen commodity, and many more like it, are coming to Shabby Apple soon. Along with an amazing (I mean, uh-mazing) contest with an incredible (and I mean, in-credible) prize and some awesome guest posting as well. So consider yourselves teased, and check back here for more details soon.


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