Shine On

I was lucky enough to spend Saturday evening with one Ms. Samantha House, who in addition to being down for a harrowing drive to the near-ghetto only to listen to really awful local bands, also designs the most gorgeous and inspiring (and shiny!) jewelry you have ever seen.

And no, I am not exagerrating.

Her pieces are bold and unique with a little twist of whimsy and they make a statement without being obnoxious or overwhelming. And they all sparkle. Which I love.

Behold, a few of my favorites.

These pieces are a splurge for sure, but I think we can all agree they are a splurge well worth it. This is the perfect jewelry to dress up a casual night-on-the-town outfit, or add the final piece of fancy to a dressed-to-the-hilt (is that a phrase?) ensemble. And you simply cannot beat high-quality, carefully and imaginatively constructed jewelry made by hand, with love, in the heart of New York City.

The mind boggles, I know.

And get this, Samantha is so good, she can make this stuff on the bus, probably in her sleep with all eight of the Gosselin children screaming in the background.

So stop reading this and go get some already!
And once you've had a peek, come back and tell us which piece is your favorite and where you would flaunt it?


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