Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

Dress Number Two is the least fair of them all!

To refresh your memory (do we really want to do that?), here is the Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress of all time!

A big congrats though, to Michelle Williams Rognon, who will be rewarded for her diligent friendship (because it takes friendship to wear that dress, and that is all I am going to say), with the Golden Gate bridesmaid dress of her choice, in the fabulous color of her choice!

(Michelle, just pop your e-mail address in the comments section and we'll hook you up! And rest assured, this dress you really will be able to wear again!)

And now, a big hand (and condolences) to all our participants! (Next time I will figure out how to use Survey Monkey for real. Promise.)

For those of you coveting a Golden Gate dress of your own, be not dismayed. These gorgeous gowns are good for so much more than saving you from bridesmaid Hades.

I am already planning to rock important business meetings in this carefully tailored, pleat-topped dress...

And this the flirty ruffles of this dress seem like the perfect companion for a Spring brunch and an afternoon browsing used book stores...

What is your favorite Golden Gate dress?
And, weddings, aside, where do you plan to wear it?


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