Flat Foot

With Spring comes the inevitable search for good flats. Because frolicking about in grassy meadows and bustling cities and sunshine is no task for precarious heels or stuffy boots. Flats it must be!

But I am the only one who finds the perfect flat somewhat elusive? The perfect black flat especially. You know the one that's dressy enough for work, casual enough for play, looks good with jeans, skirts and dress pants and is comfortable enough to walk in for miles? (Where ARE you?) I am on the prowl this Spring, as ever, especially because I am looking to replace some well-worn and well-loved flats that just won't make it through another season. (Saying good-bye to shoes is such sweet sorrow.)

I offer no guarantees that any of these are the magic bullet solution, but for those of you in the same (foot) bind, here are some options.

For starters, Aldo Shoes is having a sale of a bunch of stylin' flats for $50 or less. Nothing to sniff at there. There are some good staples (could my black flat quandry finally be resolved?) and some more pop-of-color options as well.

I was also quite taken with this option from Aldo, a little punk twist on the traditional black flat. I am always a fan of ankle straps.

J. Crew has a bunch of classic ballet flats in some not-so-classic patterns, like these fire-y stunners.

For a wide selection at easy prices, I am always a fan of, especially if you are looking to remake your Spring shoe wardrobe.

If you are looking for a total splurge, I am in LOVE with these golden brogues from Aldo. (Can't you just see these with black skinnies, a striped boat neck and a bright Spring Jacket?)

Though this traditional brown oxford from Steve Madden is probably a more versatile choice, and still scores high style points.

Feeling flat-tered?
What is your Spring must-have shoe and where can we find it?


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