We're not really sure that Natalie needs any kind of introduction but we'll attempt it anyway. She's often called the Mormon in Manhattan but we like to think of her best as one of the authors of the hilariously titled No Sex in the City blog. If you don't subscribe you should. I don't even watch the bachelor and somehow I get sucked into the recaps (complete with DVR screen shots). So without further ado--Miss Natalie (Pictured here in a SA dress at a fabulous broadway opening just to give you an idea of how amazing she is)

i always knew i would be a new yorker. long before i had ever seen the streets of the big apple, i was well versed... please, i watched every Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in my short life, saw ANNIE and knew "NYC" backwards and forwards.

before my first trip to nyc (at 11 yrs old) , my dad told me to

keep my "head high, look like you know where you're going (even when you don't) ."
i knew where i was going.
i was going to create a life in nyc.

i remember eating sesame seed bagels and cream cheese on the streets before i took a carriage ride thru central park , watching the mafia dons and their ladies (in full fur regalia) parade into Carnegie Deli and into the back room, and sitting with eager anticipation in the theater at my first broadway show.
this city is so electric, i thought. i can be anybody i want to be.

i believe it was only a short year later, when i accompanied dad on another business trip. with a promise not to tell my mom, he very confidently (and i guess, recklessly) handed me a subway token (yup, this was before metrocards) and pointed in the direction of the R train....Prince Street.
i was going shopping in SOHO-at 12 yrs old.
many years later, i still take that train to soho to shop with girlfriends or up to 57th street to play in the broadway baseball league, take a walk with my puppy , or picnic with my friends in central park.

i think i was raised in this city... or better, this city has raised me and, thanks to dad, i still keep my head high and look like i know where i'm going (especially when i don't) ... just like a real NEW YORKER.

thankfully, shabby apple has outfitted me all the way. i wear their sundresses to brunch, and dressier dresses to openings, fashion shows, date nights, auditions and church. the dresses are affordable, unique, and insanely figure flattering.
it's only fitting that they center a dress line around the park in the heart of our city.

welcome to new york, shabby.

you make us look good.

xo natalie

Isn't she divine? And wouldn't she look like she knew exactly where she was going in this?


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