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It's here! It's here! It's here! Valentines has come and gone but the big day we've been waiting for (I mean really, what are chocolates and flowers in comparison to new clothes?) has finally arrived! So, if things didn't go so well at your house this Valentines Day just know that the new women's dresses you'll find at Shabby Apple with certainly make things better.

Our last New York inspired guest blogger is Stepanie. She comes to us from the Brooklyn Limestone she writes all about the ups and downs of home ownership, decorating and a little bit about the ups and downs of everyday living. If you haven't checked her out, you should. She is funny and artistic and lovely.

"Are we really doing this? Isn't this a tourist thing?" I asked with resignation. "We're going - it'll be fun!" He replied. So with classic New York cynicism, I bundled myself up against the frigid elements of the last day of the year. It was still early but the streets were teaming with people ready to say goodbye to 1998.

We met our friends on the subway platform and exchanged the usual pleasantries. Off to Time Square!
We arrived to the expected throng of crowds. The usual city cacophony of taxi honks and sirens replaced by the voices of thousands of like minded revelers. Hours to go and blocks away from our destination, the crowd got so thick we had to push our way in through the cracks. Too many people, too little space.

Before long we resigned ourselves to wait it out just out of sight of the famous sparkly ball and enjoy the fun as best we could. And it was cold - so very cold,
I admit to wondering to myself 'why am I here? I could be watching Dick Clark, while comfy and warm in my pajamas!'

Despite my best efforts to be unimpressed, the enthusiasm was contagious. All of the strangers around us didn't seem to share in my jaded New York cynicism. They were ready for the countdown - freezing temperatures and crowded streets were not going to dampen their spirits. It was impossible to resist taking part in the palpable joy that filled those blocks!.
With nothing but time on my hands, I looked around and got to see the city from another vantage point. From the corner of my eye I caught the little vignettes that made up the crowd. A couple in love, staring up at the mesmerizing lights that surrounded us. A happy but loaded drunk without a coat offering us all a swig of his Jim beam. A group of friends experiencing a classic New York city moment for the first time. The conversation turned to how fast the year had flown by and before we knew it, it was nearly time.

The crowd was chanting numbers randomly. Eighteen…fourteen… nine….twelve…six…four. The anxiety of the moment heightened. Eight..six..
four…three…two…one. WHAM! Thousands of strangers raising hands and hearts to welcome in the New Year. No one knew if we were on time, no one cared. Noisemakers blasting, camera flashes going off, confetti floating through the night air. Cold and tired feet forgotten, no one could not be happy at that moment. And then as quickly as my appreciation for this moment came, it was gone. The thousands of people who had flocked to celebrate had had enough. So we about faced and marched out with the army of tourists and natives alike back to our own little homes. A reminder of the city at its best and its worst. And an experience every New Yorker must brave - just once.

There, like I said, she's lovely. New Year's may have come and gone but it's always an appropriate time for a new you so stop by and check out our new Central Park line--the bright colors, the bold shapes may just help you remember that spring is just around the corner and so is a brand new you (or just a you who is wearing a very darling new dress).


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