Filling Your Closet with Memories

Shabby Apple is pleased to be able to introduce Amber from Amber is a working mother of twins who inspires all kinds of mommies (and not mommies) to keep running. We're cheating a little on this one because Amber is actually from San Francisco but she's no stranger to running the paths of Manhattan's Central Park so we asked her for one of her favorite memories of the Big Apple.

"I'm a city girl through and through. It doesn't matter what coast I'm on, I love the city. Something about the tall buildings, fast(er) pace and secret patches of green hidden amidst all the cement. When I'm not climbing the hills of San Francisco enjoying the endless oddities (this city has its share), I'm enjoying the New York scene. Where can you get a white coffee in the morning then buy a purse on the black market only to walk to the greens in Central Park?

My favorite day in New York was nothing special but it was perfect for me. It was a day last Spring whenI was in the city for a conference. My day could be described in a Clif Notes version of outfits: shorts and tank > blouse and slacks > dress and heels. I woke at 6 am to go for a run when the dark was cracking to light around Central Park. A flurry of suits scuttled by as did a handful of 20-somethings coming home from their night out. For 90 minutes I had my own private paradise with the pond, trees, bridges and patches of grass. Post run I made it back to change and shuttle off to a board room for a day of meetings. the evening brought an event at Rockefeller Center-a night of wine tasting over the city...A perfect day.

Great clothes can help introduce great days. In the same way that Amber's outfits helped determine and define her perfect day in New York, Shabby Apple (new line and all) is ready to dress you in clothes that will help you create those perfect memories. So get ready to fill your wardrobe with great memories. this one.....


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