Rewind Summer, Fast-Forward Fall

It is about that time of year when you start to pack up your light, summery fare with a tear in your eye, and brace yourself for a long, cold Fall and Winter without some of your favorite things. (Need a tissue?)

But, wait!

Wipe those eyes!

There is still mileage and fashion fun to be had throughout the Fall (and maybe even Winter, too) with some of your favorite Summer staples. Here are four Summer pieces to keep in your closet even as the weather turns cooler.

1. A sundress (or two)
Sundresses are perfect to layer over jeans, or heavy leggings, or layer under a scarf and cool leather jacket. It will be a breath of summer air, even when the warmer months are all but forgotten.

2. Your favorite pair of shorts
Believe it or not (and you just might not), shorts are seasonless! All you need is a pair of tights (anything from black to patterned to neon will do), and a feminine Fall blouse and you are ready to go! Consider a pair of booties to really round out the look for colder weather.

3. Strappy sandals
A chunkier, platform sandal can easily make the transition with some knee- or thigh-high, thick socks. Feel free to go with warmer colors, like purple or cranberry, but stick to a neutral-colored shoe to anchor the look.

4. Light shifts
Just like the sundress, you might think your other lightweight summer dresses are doomed to be seasoned out, but such is not the case! Invest in some leggings and long-sleeved T-shirts and casual jackets and suddenly, you are not dealing with a summer dress anymore! Fall-themed statement jewerly can help finish off the look.

And here is a bonus for the men in your lives. (Or the men reading this blog. Hey, guys!)

5. Boat shoes
Get a boat shoe in a darker color, or more Fall-esque fabric, like suede and your favorite Summer casual will live through the Fall and Winter as well.

Looking forward to the Fall a little more now?
What Summer piece can't you wait to take into the new season?


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