Don't Sweater It

Have I already mentioned how much I love Fall? Because I sure do.

And here is one of my favorite things about Fall: Sweaters!

Boy oh boy, do I love sweaters. There is something cozy and nostalgic and all-around comforting about a good sweater. I can't get enough.

This Fall, I am particularly loving long, chunkier sweaters that almost border on a coat. Do you know the sweater of which I speak?

Some of them have collars, some of them button, some of them tie around the waist. I've seen them with short sleeves, long sleeves, and no sleeves, like a vest. I've seen them over a ruffled dress shirt and dress pants, and layered over a well-worn flannel and broken in jeans. The versatility astounds!

I popped into Ann Taylor Loft yesterday and they were everywhere.

This button-down, collared number is great over a nice shirt and a skirt, as you see it here. In this outfit, I see the sweater as sort of a twist on the traditional business suit jacket. But, I can also see this sweater over a patterned, long-sleeved shirt for a weekend, or even a graphic tee for some extra coverage during the in-between weather.

I also really loved this tie-waisted cardigan. The simple neckline could easily be paired with a collar or some ruffles, and this sweater has the same day to evening to weekend potential. I imagine you could take the tie off if you wanted something more open and draped, or you could add a pop of color or pattern by cinching the sweater with one of your favorite belts instead.

And this little number takes sweater vests right out of dorky and right into adorable. I think this is another one you could close with a belt or even some thick, boldly colored ribbon, and the layering options are just as varied. I am envisioning a band T-shirt and a studded belt with your favorite jeans for a little rocker chic, over a long tunic and leggings for an easy weekend ensemble (as you see here), or with a slim top and trousers for the office.

As it happens, Ann Taylor Loft is having a "buy one sweater, get the second sweater half off" sale on the Web site, so now might not be a bad time to stalk up. Or, if you're looking for some slightly cheaper alternatives, and are blessed to live near an H&M, I have seen some similarly darling options there. (If you are not blessed to live near an H&M, first, my condolences. Second, I can sometimes be convinced to do favors by baked goods and/or DVDs of "The West Wing.")

How about you? Are you sweat(er)ing it?
Tell is about your favorite sweater trend for Fall!


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