Following Fall

Labor Day is behind us, school has started, and there is a definite nip in the morning air, so I think it is safe to say Fall is creeping in.

I happen to love Fall (it is the season of my birth, among many other admirable attributes), so I am always happy to see it come to town. But even those of you who mourn the departure of Summer will rejoice in these new Fall trends, courtesy of People Magazine. (From whence all good things come.)

Black Leather

Try it in pants, minis, jackets or leggings. Or, for all-out sex appeal, try a second skin leather dress like Angelina Jolie.

Check out Forever 21 for cutting edge leather styles on a budget.

Red Alert

Make a statement in the bold hue from head to toe, or add a pop to more neutral Fall colors with a red bag or shoes.

Sheath Dresses

Defined by a slim, figure-hugging silhoutte and a well-defined waistline, sheath dresses are flattering on more body types than just Renee Zelwegger's. (Thank goodness.) Subtle prints and tailored details can help flatter most any figure.

Bright Bags

Jewel-toned totes are another perfect way to liven up any Fall outfit. (Not sure what to say about SJP's glasses, though...)

Leopard Print

This has been one of my personal favorites for a while, and leopard print is getting a new twist this season with classy, more subdued options like this snowy gray tone.

Don't worry. It's not hard to get into the leopard print trend yourself.

Neon Pink and Black

A flouncy blouse paired with a pencil skirt is a great way to get in on this trend. Color block dresses will do the trick, too.

Ruffled Ruffles

This is another Fall trend I am loving, loving, loving. Ruffles can add a feminine touch to everything from a leather jacket to a slim cardigan, to a collared blouse to a hoodie to sandals and booties.

Bold Gold

Statement necklaces have been hot for a while now, and the trend has been getting even bigger (literally) with massive bib necklaces hitting the scene in the last few months. Add a little gold to either of those trends and you'll be right on message.

And you don't have to spend a fortune, either.

Sparkling Shoes

Another pick me up on somber Autumn days? Shoes with some sparkle! Try pumps with a shimmer or flats with some sequins and tell me you don't feel better already.

Embellished T-shirts

Skip the jewelry shopping all together and go for a shirt with some built-in bling. A shirt and necklace in one? Yes, please!

Dressy Leggings

What was once only an accessory has become a full-blown wardrobe item of its own. Play dress up in leggings embellished rhinestones, lace or sequins.

Vintage-Style Jewelry

The real thing can sometimes be hard to find, but jewelry with ribbon or crystal details gives the vintage vibe just as well, and it won't break the bank.

With all that good fashion ahead, I bet we're all fans of Fall now.

Which Fall trend can't you wait to try out?


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