The Final Five

{Editor's note: I was in such a hurry to get our finalists up on time, and there were so many great submissions to go through, that I left out the stories that accompany each vignette. They have now been added, for your reading pleasure! If you want to go back and change your vote, go into the comments section, delete your original comment, and put up a new one. And please remember, one vote per person! Good luck, everyone!}

Have any of you ever watched that wonder of science fiction television, "Battlestar Galactica"? I only ask because in the third season there is a race to reveal "The Final Five," those five characters masquerading as people, but who are really robots bent on destroying humankind. I am not suggesting that any of you are robots disguised as humans, but I am suggesting that our own revelation of The Final Five is just as exciting!

Before I make the big announcement, though, let me give everyone an enormous pat on the back. Every submission was creative and wonderful. I loved reading about your stories and your lives, and it was a near-impossible task to narrow down so many entries to The Final Five. I did my best.


Drum roll please...

Here they are!

Springtime and Snowing

The Story: "Yep, I live in Cheyenne, WY, where the wind blows 365 days a year and spring comes in with a blizzard! Here's how I would dress to celebrate it's arrival."

{ Editor's note: Due to some technology glitches, the shoes were inadvertently left off the next vignette, Venetian Stroll. It also includes the Power shoes in red. My bad. I am not so good with these new-fangled computer things.}

Venetian Stroll

The Story: "Who doesn't want to go on a Mediterranean Cruise? (Especially young mothers who deserve it, right?) I personally haven't ever been on a cruise, but I've been extended the possibility of going on this cruise next year, and would love, love, love to get this dress to make the experience a real dream! How fun would it be to sport this as you stroll around Venice, browsing at all the little shops? Fantastica!"

Times Square Countdown

The Story: "The story behind this ensemble started with an 18-month relationship with a former boyfriend that was terminated via e-mail. Yes, you read that right. I was dumped via e-mail. I moved to New York shortly thereafter to do a Pilates apprenticeship and lived there for four months. I didn't turn to prescription drugs, junk food, heavy partying and alcohol, or romantic comedies (not that romantic comedies aren't a good launching point for recuperating your self-esteem after a lousy break-up. I turned to fine clothing, shoes and accessories-- things that enhanced and empowered me. Had Shabby Apple been an option then, this is EXACTLY what I would have bought. This vignette describes my search in getting little pieces of my soul back. You put on a dress like this and you KNOW you're worth an in-person break-up."

Executive Decision

The Story: "I'm a very important person. People envy my profession. It is both time consuming and world changing. At times it's exhausting but always rewarding. says I am worth $138,095. And you better believe I earn every last penny! I am a mother of two beautiful baby girls. I am forced to make Executive Decisions from sun up to sun down. Mac 'n'  Cheese or Turkey Sandwiches. Dora the Explorer or Little Einsteins. Play at the Park or Read at the Library. Bath Time or Snuggle Time. Go Grocery Shopping or Window Shopping. Hugs or Kisses. Laundry or Blogging. Homemade Dinner or Take Out. Clean up House or Play House. To me this dress screams Domestic Empowerment! Who says you can't vacuum in high heels?"

A Day At The Races

The Story: "This is my favorite vignette I put together. It reminds me of something I would have worn to those olden day horse races with a big brimmed hat and gloves."

And now, the next part of your job begins! Hop down to the comments section below and cast a vote for your favorite vignette. Bring your friends and family and ask them to vote for your favorite, too. (One vote per person, please!) Voting will close on Wednesday, November 19th, at 10p.m. MST. I'll announce the lucky lady the following morning.

So, what are you waiting for?


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