A TAD Much

Let's do a little exercise. (Not jogging. Everyone calm down.) Open your closet and tell me what you see. You probably see some sensible stand-bys (the perfect pair of black pants, that well-fitting white collared shirt, a nice jacket or two), as well as some of your favorite pieces, the ones that are just "you." But what about everything else? What about that pink motorcycle jacket you only wore once? Those outrageous shoes with the six inch heel that you can't even walk in? That boho-chic tunic that was only in for one season?

The evidence is all around, if you look for it. You might be suffering from TAD: Trend-Addiction Disorder.

Trend- Addiction Disorder is not a victimless crime. It fills our closets and empties our bank accounts. And it turns our inner fashionista into a walking fashion faux pas. Your mom and her friends are giving you those weird looks for a reason. Let's leave dressing like Hannah Montana to the tweens, shall we?

The good news is, TAD has a relatively easy treatment. Recovery can be quick and complete. Just follow these few, simple rules.

1. Buy good quality (and sometimes that means expensive) basics.
The importance of nice basics cannot be overstated. Invest in staples such as nice black and brown pants, flattering suit skirts and well-fitting white button-up shirts.

2. Only buy one to three trendy items each season.
More than that and you won't have enough time to wear them before they go out of style.

3. Never, ever, ever buy trends that don't look good on you. (Did I mention never?)
It doesn't matter how good skinny jeans look on someone else, or how cool they are, if they don't look good on you, stay away! (They look awful on me, by the way, so you are in good company.) And the same goes for any other trend.

4. Cut down on impulse buying.
Write a list of the basics that you need. If you still have your heart set on a trendy item after that, think about it for at least two weeks and then buy it. (If you still want it, of course.)

5. Wear only one really trendy piece at a time.
The quickest way to look like you're in junior high is to pair your long scarf with your sequined shirt and huge metal earrings while carrying your favorite studded bag. Narrowing it down draws attention to the trend you choose, and gives everyone around you 
a little room to breathe.

The most important thing is to wear what looks best on you, not what everyone else is wearing. You'll look and feel better, and your closet and credit rating will thank you.

Are you recovering from TAD?
What trendy purchase do you wish you could take back?


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