The Clock is Ticking (Contest Update)

I must say, my dear and loyal Shabby Apple friends, you have outdone yourselves again! The response to our Win a Vignette contest has been truly overwhelming! So much so that I am closing the contest a little earlier than anticipated. If you haven't posted your masterpiece yet, get on it!

The rules are the same: put together an outfit, using a dress, bag, shoes and any other accessories from the Shabby Apple Web site. Give your ensemble a name and tell us why you chose it. Post your ensemble and your story on your blog. And, this part is important! You MUST include a link to Shabby Apple in your post as well. Then leave a link to your blog in the comments section of the original contest post. I'll visit everyone's blog, chose five finalists and you get to choose the winner! I know, it's a pretty awesome contest. So get in there!

Here's what's different. The contest will now be closing one week from today, on Monday, Nov. 10. So, time is running out. Come on now! Show us what you've got!


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