Reading The Green (Tea) Leaf

Something big is happening at Shabby Apple on Wednesday.

And no, I am not so mean as to mention something like that and then say, "Oh, but I can't tell you about it" or "But you'll just have to wait until Wednesday to find out!"

Because people who do that sort of thing are not my friends, and I'd like to think you and I are friends, so I am going to give you the goods. And someday you'll return the favor, I am sure.

So, back to the big news. Which I am not withholding.

It is that we are launching a new line! A fancy, glamorous Hollywood-worthy line, just in time for all your holiday party needs. We're calling it Green Leaf II.

You'll have to check back to see this follow-up line (sequel to our retro-inspired line of dresses, Green Leaf, naturally) but, in the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks.

Is your whistle whetted? Stay tuned for more!


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