I know we are not through Thanksgiving yet, and heaven knows I love a holiday dedicated to eating things like pumpkin pie, but I am determined to be all ready for Christmas by the time December 1st rolls around, so I've already started thinking about presents and decorations and treats and Christmas movies I want to watch.

Deal with it.

Mostly, I have been trying to find the perfect advent calendar to make. We always had advent calendars growing up, and sometimes my mom still sends me a package with one it in (the king with chocolate naturally.)

But this year I decided I wanted to go all domestic (not to mention cuh-razy on Pinterest) and make one of my own that we can use year-after-year. Sort of a new advent calendar tradition. Or, I guess the tradition could be to make a new advent calendar every year. I haven't decided yet.

Deal with it.

But I did find all these awesome advent calendar options.

My favorite is this embroidered advent calendar from PurlBee, but it looks really complicated and sort of hard, not to mention rather large. I think I would have to modify it somehow, but I like where this one is going.

I am also rather fond of this pennant advent calendar from Peppermint Pinwheels on Etsy. Sadly, there are no instructions for making it, though it seems like you could probably figure something out. And when you do, let me know!

For the make-a-new-advent-calendar-every-year idea, this stamped envelope advent calendar from DesignSponge seems like a good and relatively easy option. And I like how you can put a little activity or special surprise in each envelope. I suppose another idea would be to keep the envelopes from year to year and just change what's inside to keep things exciting.

And for sheer ingenuity, I think this recycle bin advent calendar from Craftastica takes the cake. I don't know if I have so many lovely things in my recycle bin, but it would be cool to create this same type of calendar every year with what you happened to have on hand. Then you get the best of both worlds: a new advent calendar every year that is still sort of familiar.

I need to make up my mind soon if I have any prayer of getting this done by Christmas.
Can you help me?
What are your favorite homemade advent calendar ideas?


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