Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Everyone's favorite new princess, that's Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge to you, is already lighting all kinds of fashion trends on fire, including sheer pantyhose and lace-topped wedding dresses. Not to mention knock-off sapphire engagement rings.

The girl has serious style chops, to be sure. But the thing I am most taken with is her penchant for shopping in her own closet. She seems to be the princess of the artful re-wear, and I like what I see.

Most recently, she recycled two wardrobe pieces, a green DVF dress that she debuted on her North American adventure, and a cream colored coat that she sported to a friend's wedding several years ago, for William's cousin Zara Phillip's wedding in Scotland.

And, while we're talking about that North American adventure, not all Kate's travel clothes were new. In fact, she re-wore the cream Reiss dress made famous by her engagement portraits. The fascinator was different, but the hard-to-miss engagement sparkler was the same.

Personally, I think it's a fashion-savvy move. With a closet full of such fabulous things, why not get a lot of use out of them? And it's a PR-savvy move as well. Especially in an age of tighter belts and thinner wallets, who doesn't love a princess who displays some budget-consciousness herself?

But, maybe it's just me.
What do you think of Kate Middleton's fashion recycling: princess or pauper?
And what are the items in your closet you wear over and over again?


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