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In my epic efforts at blog-stalking, I recently came across Ruth Schultz and her blog, The Mom. As in the mom to three adorable boys and one adorable baby girl, Davy Jean, who also happens to be one adorable survivor of a cleft lip, cleft palette, a congenital heart condition and a few other things I can't name or think about without wanting to cry.

What the title of her blog doesn't tell you is that Ruth is also The Wife to Scott Schultz, creator of a little television show called Yo Gabba Gabba. Heard of it? (Even kid-less me has heard of it, so I am guessing yes.)

Now, let us also bring in this mix one Etsy shop artist named Merrilee, who also happens to love The Mom and Yo Gabba Gabba and is currently selling her Yo Gabba Gabba-inspired prints with all the proceeds going to Scott, Ruth and their little bird, Davy.

Here is the lovely (love) print.

You can score one of your own at the Tuesday Mourning Etsy shop.

And, as if this story (and this day!) could not get any better, buy this print through the end of the month and get any other print from the shop for free. Yes, free. What the what?!? I am quite partial to this a b c Print myself.

I think I have done enough talking for now, so you just get out there and do what you love best. And let us know what you end up with, won't you please?


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