StyleSpy: Think Early Spring

Hello, friends! I'd like to introduce you to a new friend, namely Jaime Rasmussen who is going to be joining us regularly with fashion musings and styling tips from the big New York City. Take it away, Jaime!

Hi there,

I'm Jaime. Nice to meet you. I am delighted to be a new contributor to the Shabby Apple blog.

You'll be hearing from me from time to time on what fashion has caught my eye and given me tunnel vision. I get it all the time. I say that a lot because I tend to get fixated and determined when a new (sometimes, to me) fashion arrow strikes. I live in New York City with my Mr. R where we are raising three little monkeys-- the real New Yorkers in the house. I find fashion inspiration everywhere-- this city oozes creativity. I am eager to give you a peek into my NYC world. Yes, it is manic. Glamorous? Uh, no. Fashion-hungry? Definitely.

My style is classic, tailored, and, ideally, timeless. I love a look that lasts. Lipstick is the best accessory and so are painted toes. I am trying to add more jewelry, scarves and belts. I also want to stretch my money with versatility so I have lots of options when I look in my closet. I don't get off-the-beaten-shopping path too often. I grew up in the mall and still feel very much at home there. That being said, I live in the land of small, eclectic, and wildly unpredictable boutiques-- they are so much fun to discover! Our home is small and the closet is even smaller, so anything unnecessary is unwelcome and quickly given away or put on eBay. Every piece counts, so I take my time, and return often, until I get just what I am looking for.

Is winter wearing you down? Just a little? If so, I am right there with you. I can't look at another cardigan, knitted faux trapper hat, or knee-high wellie. Well, maybe a bright and colorful wellie would be OK. Don't even talk to me about how much snow we have gotten. I am blocking it out. Two days of 40-plus degree weather last week was enough for me to pull out a pair of cute flats and go sockless-- bad idea. Those two days allowed my little hibernating body to get excited for Spring. Needless to say, all things lightweight, nautical and Springy are so delectable. I want to eat them up.

Hey you there, Spring! I know you have to arrive inevitably, so this is what I am eager to prance around in as soon as the temps hit 50 degrees. OK, at least 45. I am ready for a little pre-Spring-- maybe one less layer or a little less dry, cracked hands. Thank heavens the season change. I love that feeling of being so ready and eager to welcome a new season. In that spirit, here is some pre-Spring eye candy to get excited. A little pre-Spring sale (hint, hint, big retail people) would be perfect just about now.

Please tell me what captures your eye in fashion right now!

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