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We have a pretty rad contest running right now over on the Shabby Apple Facebook page. Did you know that?

I could be super mean and not tell you anything about it and make you go over there and find out all the details yourself, but I am feeling charitable in this, the holiday season, so I'll tell you what it's all about.

And then you should go over to the Facebook and check it out for yourself. Deal?

Here's the skinny.


THE PRIZE: Give a woman who inspires you a Shabby Apple dress, and get one for yourself (because generosity has it's rewards, too...)

WHAT: Post a response to this discussion topic on our Facebook page with your TRUE story about a woman in your life who has inspired or impacted you. This could be a mother, sister, friend, neighbor, teacher, etc. Their actions can be big or small, personal or community wide--but they should be inspiring and uplifting. Feel free to make your post longer than a few sentences but keep them short enough that we can read them in one sitting (no novellas, ladies!). Three paragraphs MAX.

WHO: These need to be TRUE STORIES, and about someone you KNOW PERSONALLY and can CONTACT EASILY. They are, after all, winning a dress, and we'd like to make sure they get it. So, sadly, great-great granny Mae can't win for you. Unless, that is, she's still alive (in which case, go Granny Mae!). This also means you can't send a dress to Madeline Albright or Diane Sawyer, unless you happen to have their personal mailing address. You don't need to post first and last names if you're worried about privacy, but, if you win, you will have to provide first and last name, and a separate mailing address (unless said person lives with you) for them. YOU must be over 18, but the other recipient of the dress can be under 18 as long as you only use a first name.

WHEN: Now through DECEMBER 20th at 11:59 pm EST.

Other things you should know:
-One entry per person
-Winnings are Non Transferable
-Shabby Apple retains the rights to select one or multiple winners
-Winners are obliged to provide contact information for both parties, and may be asked to supply other information for promotional purposes. (Don't worry, nothing scary, we just might like to do a blog post about you or something of the sort.)
-Cheaters are not cool... don't make up a story about how someone gave you a kidney so you can get two dresses. Don't be that person. Also, don't make up fake accounts for yourself so you can enter 27 times. We know when you do that and it's lame sauce
-NO COPYRIGHTED WORK or previously published work will be accepted. Again, don't be that person.

Personally, my head is swimming with thoughts of all the wonderful women who have touched my life. Not to mention swimming with thoughts of how beautiful they would look in a Shabby Apple dress.

How about you? What women have inspired you, and what dress would you like to give them?


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