Breaking The Pattern

Lately I have been thinking that my wardrobe choices are getting a little predictable. My non-awesome Corporate America dress code probably has something to do with that, but the fact of the matter is that even unexpected things become expected after a while. We always have to be shaking it up, right?

So, my new idea is mixing patterns. Just the other day, I contemplated and hemmed and hawed and stared and tried on and took off and put back on again for ages, and finally bit the bullet and wore a striped T-shirt underneath a leopard print cardigan.

Ever since, I've been keeping my eyes peeled and it turns out that mixed patterns are everywhere! Even on The Sartorialist.

This is a particularly bold example, but it's easy to replicate this general idea according to your own comfort level. I think stripes are a great place to start because the pattern stands out even if the colors are muted, and the pattern is also simple enough to go with just about anything.

If you want to start a little smaller, try a classic striped skirt with a funkier floral cardigan.

Or this retro-feeling belted sweater paired with a feminine blouse adorned with leaves.

The particularly bold-at-heart might consider pairing different colored patterns for a truly eye-popping look, while the slightly less brave among us can throw on a snappy pair of shoes or grab a brightly-colored bag to bring a little pop to more monochromatic pattern mixing.

We won't all be The Girl From The Vintage Store In Melbourne overnight, but we can get there.

{Like what you saw? Skirt, sweaters and blouse are all from Anthropoligie.}


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