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I have a very special treat for you, my lovelies. New York City-based image consultant Ashley Harris is guest-posting today, answering some of your burning questions and teaching you how to look your best.

So what are you waiting for?

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Hello Shabby Apple fans! And greetings from the Big Apple!

Ashley Harris here, and I’ve come to help solve some of your shopping and “this just doesn’t look good on me,” problems. I am an Image Consultant here in New York, as well as Boston and want to share with you a few rules of thumb you can follow when deciding on your clothes. This can start today in your own closet and follow you to the dressing rooms, or better yet, allow you to skip the dressing rooms by giving you more confidence to shop online because you’ll know what things work for you and what things to avoid. So let’s get to it.

1. Color. I put this as number one because it is. Make sure you’re not buying a color that you don’t look great in. Just because it’s a fabulous color on Heidi Klum or that girl you saw in the restaurant the other day does not mean it’s going to do you the same favor. Wear colors that bring out a glow in your skin. Stay away from the ones that bring out the grey in your undertone. This can make you look older, more tired, and less healthy. If your skin’s undertone is warm, meaning more yellows, oranges, reds, then choose colors that have warmer temperatures. If your undertone is cooler, choose colors that have more blue to them.

2. Pay attention to contrast. By this I mean if you have a high contrast between the color of your skin, hair and eyes, you can wear higher contrasting colors. If you have really dark hair and very fair skin this would be high contrast. If there is not much difference between your hair and skin this would be a low contrast and you will look better in colors that are of that same low contrast level. Because this model has a fairly high contrast she can pull off a black and white striped sweater without her face getting lost.

If someone with a lighter colored hair wore this same sweater we would notice the sweater before we noticed the person.

And here is an example of very low contrast. The stripes in the design at contrast, but you’ll notice that the contrast in the blouse and the model is very low.

3. Patterns. A good way to choose patterns in the fabric is to look at your face. What kinds of patterns do you see on your own face? If you have a small face and not a lot of skin showing in between your features you would look great in a pattern similar- with less background in between the print.

And similarly, if you have a lot of “face” in between your features your prints can be farther apart from each other.

Another tip is to pay attention to any texture in your face. If you find that you have more texture (acne, wrinkles, moles, etc.) choose fabric that has more texture. A smooth silk on a high textured face will only make the texture in the face more obvious.

4. Necklines and collars. This is another time to pay attention to your face. If you choose a neckline that follows the same shape as your jaw line it will be more flattering on you. For example, those with heart or diamond shaped faces look great in V-neck blouses.

While those with oblong or square jaw lines are better suited for a square neckline.

Notice how their necklines are the same shape as their jaw lines. This helps bring harmony to you and what you’re wearing.

Once you have figured a few simple things out about what shapes, colors and styles look good on your unique body and face, choosing your clothes and accessories will become a much simpler task. And, most importantly, will make you look simply smashing!


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