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This afternoon I was driving to the Shabby Apple office thinking about what to post to the blog. My mind raced through a couple of ideas (spring/summer trends we love/hate, Items you can steal from your husband/boyfriend and those you can't) and nothing seemed quite right. I walked into the office (which is in the middle of some MAJOR expansion and rearranging) and we did some measuring and calculating about space changes. I walked upstairs to see Mary (our darling office maven) looking through some amazing shoes in preparation of the photo shoots that start tomorrow for the launch of the new Manhattan line. Out of the stacks of dresses walked a charming lady in jeans and a t-shirt. We talked for a minute, she made some risque jokes and I knew that we would be instant friends.
Feel free to take a minute and guess who she was..... THE DESIGNER OF THE NEW MANHATTAN LINE! That's right people, Ms Rebekah McKinney in the flesh! She's amazing. She had some samples of her fall line (get excited for fall) and the new Manhattan line. Talking to her I realized that this blog post should really be about her. I begged her to do it, she agreed and even told me she'd send me some sketches. She sent me a really great one with 5 dresses on it, and I thought about posting that here, but I didn't want to give too much away before the 17th (official launch day). These dresses are all made for work and have 3% stretch (this woman sooo gets fashion and comfort). I mean, look at this. You want it don't you? Me too.
So, without further ado, I give you Ms Rebekah McKinney. Designer of many of the dresses in the new Manhattan Line, mother of 2, friend of Shabby Apple and overall guru.

1) What is your most loved body part?
My right ear lop, it's just so much more graceful than the left one. Oh you mean like on other people? The collar bone, it's just a sophisticated body part somehow. It reminds me of old classic Hollywood movies like 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.'
2)What’s the most embarrassing thing you did this week?
Leaving voice mail tends to be the most embarrassing thing in my life. Somehow I can't convince my mouth to just say "Hi this is Rebekah please call me back at your earliest convenience." No no no, it never works that way for me, it always turns out to be this long jumbled ramble about everything I could have possibly wanted to talk about what made me think of it. It's humiliating and half the time I catch myself mid sentence and shout "call me back"
3)If you had to pick 2 clothing items that you couldn’t live without what would they be (and you can’t say sweats or underwear)?
Dark jeans, they can be dressed up or dressed down and I don't have to shave either. Hooker heals, that pair of shoes that's completely unrealistic but if you're just having one of those days at least you have something great to wear that's guaranteed to fit.
4)What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
I love going to movies by myself, everyone I tell that to thinks it's bizarre but it's one of the most freeing things in the world. The first time I did it I was in 6th grade and I snuck out to see the Lion King. I started to feel kinda silly when I cried as Simba's dad died but then realized I didn't need to feel stupid because no one I knew was there to see it. It's been my favorite way to unwind ever since.
5)What’s your favorite dress of the collection? Why?
I am really proud of the Giraffe printed pencil skirt and tuck at the collar dress. It's simple yet sophisticated and a pencil skirts look flattering on every body type.
6)When designing clothes what’s the first thing you think about?
The person who's going to wear it. My goal is to make the sort of clothing that you feel beautiful in. We all have that one thing that we're a little sad to take off at the end of the day because we love how we feel in it. I'm in the market to make those sorts of outfits.
7)In your opinion, what’s the most important accessory to complete an outfit? (and if you say “a smile” we’ll all puke in our mouths a little)
A great fitting bra. Nothing ruins an ensemble like a saggy set of girls.
8)Least-favorite current fashion trend?
Jumpsuits, the moment I saw them on a list for "it items on the runway" I wanted to weep. Few things make a figure less flattered then a jumpsuit.
9)Most-favorite current fashion trend?
I love the half sleeve, you may have noticed since all the collection is that just above the elbow length. I had just finalized the line when I saw all these amazing designs that were half sleeves and I did a little happy dance for being on point.
10)What is the best outfit you’ve ever had and where did you wear it?
I don't know why it's so memorable but when I was 8 my friend and I bought matching outfits. They were black stretch shorts under a three tiered floral purple printed skirt and matching top. I just remember feeling so cool in it.
There she is ladies and gentlemen. I hope you're excited for the 17th. I am.


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