Beach Bunny Bingo

I am just going to put it out there that the beach is probably one of the Top Five most romantic places to fall in love. I am not speaking from personal experience, mind you. I just have a feeling.

The only catch being that you want to look your best while you are falling in love, and looking your best on the beach can be tricky. Unless, that is, the "I didn't shower this morning and just spent half an hour in salt water" look is your best look. But I doubt that it is. I just have a feeling.

There is no perfect solution, but these tips might help speed along your own summer lovin'. You can thank me by naming your first-born child after me. It seems only fair.

For starters, get yourself a trendy suit. One-shouldered suits are hot (or should I say h-o-t-t) this season, as are cut-out bikinis. One-piece cut-outs are a nice compromise if you only want to give away a little peek.

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If you are looking for a printed suit, leave the dainty stuff behind and go for bold graphic stripes, colorful paisley or some other stand-out pattern instead. Celebrities are sporting eye-popping hippie-style prints up and down all kinds of coasts.

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This summer is also a great time to experiment with the classic black suit. A saucy cut-out bikini or one-piece is a great option. Or look for basic black suits with some non-basic embellishments such as ring details, a flattering halter top or retro-cut bottoms.

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Next, pick out some swimwear accessories. Remember, that suit isn't just for swimming. (And, frankly, might not be for swimming at all.) Our goal is romance here. And sheer cover-ups, one hot trend for this hot season, have romance written all over them.

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Or, you can adapt a non-beach-related trend, such as bohemian chic, and take it to the sand.

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Short shorts are also an emerging cover-up trend. Try some sporty shorts or some edgy denim cut-offs. They're the perfect way to get some coverage without leaving everything to the imagination. (If you've got it, flaunt it. Right, ladies?!)

{Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine}

Short dresses, long shirts and robes are also good cover-up options for this summer.

For the finishing touches, think about a beach bag with a large graphic print or design (again, anything retro is a safe bet this season), and some kind of sun hat. My favorites are straw, in either the floppy or cowboy varieties. A good hat will cover your ocean hair, protect your beautiful faces and make you just the right amount of straight-up adorable.

And then true love can't help but find you seaside.

Planning to hit the beach this summer?

What is your must-have oceanside accessory?


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