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The results of the bridesmaid dress contest are in. The people have spoken!

Before I make the big reveal, let me say how excited I was to read your comments and see how many of you have been hoping for Shabby Apple bridesmaid dresses for your very own special day! We here at Shabby Apple are certainly happy to oblige. No need to resort to denim skirts and red Keds. We have you covered.

We also have a surprise twist! (I know what you are thinking. Oh, goody! I love surprise twists!) The voting was so close, and all the designs were so impressive, we decided to name four winners instead of three. That's right. Four winners. Four fabulous dresses for you to choose from. Four friends/sisters/sisters-in-law/nieces/old college roommates who are going to bless your name forevermore because they got to wear flattering, non-frumpy dresses to your wedding. 

Are you dying to know? 

Well, here you go then!

First Place (by a landslide, I might add): Number 7!

Second Place: Number 9!

Third Place: Number 11!

And Fourth place: Number 5!

Let's hear it for all our contestants!

Now, another round of applause for our winners!

And, brides-to-be, keep your eyes here. There is more to come.


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