Holiday Packing Guide: Mom and Dad's House

The holidays are upon us...and so is holiday packing!
Every year, it seems I either don't wear half of things I brought or I am doing tons of laundry. But luckily, with a little planning holiday packing is possible!

packing guide: mom and dad's house
1. It's always good to have a dress that can be fancy or pretty casual. Whether you go to a play, nice dinner or just spend some time shopping this vintage dress will do the trick. Plus, pleats are great for hiding those holiday "food babies".

 2. A pair of sparkly earrings can instantly glam up and add interest to any outfit. Throw them on with a t-shirt, scarf and jeans and you're set!

 3. Cozy and classic fair isles sweaters are great. You can wear them alone or paired with a collared shirt. You can also wear them layered over dresses. One sweater, so many options!

 4. Tall boots and socks are cute and functional! Not only is this combo incredibly chic, they keep your feet warm and a flat boot is comfortable enough to hit the mall in. 

 5. One of the great things about staying with family is you don't have to pack as much stuff! Mom, grandma, aunt, whoever will have plenty of clean towels, hangers and can supply you with any forgotten toiletries. A small overnight bag is all you need for a couple days trip!

These tips will be sure to keep you looking stylish while not packing more than you can carry!
What essentials do you bring on your vacations?


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