Hey, It's Christmas!

I'm listening to Christmas music non-stop. With only a month to get it in, non-stop is the only way to go! I listen to the Christmas radio station in my car, the Christmas Pandora station at work (don't tell!) and when I'm at home I've been rocking out to Hey, It's Christmas!, an awesome and FREE playlist of Christmas music from hip indie bands from around the country.

Just to review, because I don't want you to miss out on this, you can stream a whole playlist of indie Christmas music for FREE. Or, you can pay what you think it's worth and download the whole she-bang to have it with you always.

I'd say this all qualifies as a Christmas miracle, wouldn't you?

I am especially loving "Unwed Mother" by Hoyle, "The Night Before Christmas (in Texas, that is)" by The Silver Fleece and everything from the Oceanauts.

And, as if this could get any better, you can stream the playlists from last year and the year before here and here. Seriously, this discovery is making my holiday season, and I hope it makes yours, too! Give a (FREE!) listen and then come back and tell us, which Hey, It's Christmas! song is your new favorite?


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