Falling Slowly

Hello, my dear and long-lost friends!

I am sorry to have been so absent and neglectful around these parts, but I was busy getting married. And then honeymooning. And then having lots of parties. It was rad.

I am back now, though, and feeling the blogging bug. And the nesting bug. I think getting our little house in order is going to take some time (our cupboard for baking dishes is already an overflowing mess and I just started putting things in there today), but I am determined to not let that stop me from taking advantage of all the decorating that comes with Fall and Winter.

To get my brain going, I ordered Autumn With Matthew Mead, a "book-azine" filled with pictures, inspiration and recipes for Fall celebrating. It is a lovely thing to thumb through though, to be perfectly frank, I was a little disappointed that there weren't more templates and how-to instructions. For those, you might consider just checking out Matthew Mead's Web site, instead.

That didn't stop me from going cover to cover three times yesterday, though, picking out little ideas and tricks. One shortcut I really like is using practical items you already have to make holiday decorations. Like filling a trifle bowl with artful fall foliage, acorns or ornaments. Or using a metal floral topiary frame to display your favorite symbols of the season. I think I might get out my brand new scalloped cake stand and see if I can't turn it into an Autumn table centerpiece somehow. I'll let you know how it goes.

And, in the meantime, tell us: what are your favorite Fall decorating tips and tricks?


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