Center(piece) Of Attention

Floral arrangements and centerpieces have been my wedding project of the week.

I was totally stumped for a long time about what to do, because there are so many options!

For a minute I was thinking maybe potted plants that wedding guests could take home as gifts. Plus potted plants seemed more environmentally friendly somehow, and you know how I love Planet Earth.

And then of course there is always a more traditional cut flower arrangement. I love the smell and look and feel of fresh flowers and I would buy them every day if I could.

But, I finally settled on a more "whimsical and eclectic" option (to use the words of my wedding planner) and we're going to go with some funky colored bottles filled with small fall blooms. Sort of like this.

I figure people can still take them home if they want, but they aren't stuck with a plant they feel like they have to keep alive. Cool bottles like that can be used for anything, after all.

Or, if you're looking for a similar option that also lets you indulge that DIY craving, you might consider these recycled bottled centerpieces. Because you certainly don't need to have a wedding to need to have a centerpiece, after all.

Talk to me friends.
What is your central piece of centerpiece inspiration?


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