Do-It-Yourself Year

I took down my Christmas decorations a few days ago, and I am starting to feel the post-holiday blues. No cheery lights and trees and stockings to come home to is sort of bumming me out. So, to cheer myself up, I started researching some equally adorable Valentine's Day decorations. Hurrah!

I'll pass on some of those ideas soon, but for now I came across these two darling crafts that I think are the perfect way to add some spice and DIY fun to the New Year.

First up, this darling petal pillow from Cluck. Cluck. Sew. via Vanessa Christenson.

The pattern looks (fairly) simple (I'll let you know if that is true once I have tried it) and the price is just right. Under $10?!? I have been searching diligently for some hip, colorful pillows for my couch for quite some time now and I have been appalled at the prices. Ten dollars sounds pretty good to me.

And, for all the babies who will be joining you in 2011, let us all swoon over this baby life quilt, also from Vanessa Christenson.

This one looks a little trickier, execution-wise, but I think it would be totally worth it because the darling factor is off the charts. And, let's be honest, I think we would all like this to be the schedule of our lives, too!

That should be enough to chase the January slump right away! (After I take a nap, that is. Just thinking about all this creativity and I am pooped.)


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