The Whirlwind Tour: Shabby's (Not Too Shabby) 24-hour Guides to Paris

So you've picked out your new dress from the Oh La La collection, packed your bag and sent the kids to Grandma's, the dog to the puppy day spa, the husband/boyfriend to the golf course or the ballgame.

You are ready to go.

Forget all other obligations: finances? Ha! Jobs? Who cares?! (The fact that no matter how fast you ordered today, you probably don't have your dress in hand…. yet…) You are ready for a whirlwind, 24-hour trip to the city of lights, Shabby Apple style.

There is no time for guidebooks, no time for prattling around, messing with maps, endless lines of tourist or Zagat recommendations. You have exactly 24 hours to enjoy everything that is Paris, and we're going to show you how.

Over the next four days we'll post four different Paris Guides of the ultimate must see/eat/do/buy: Paris for the Fashionista, Paris for the Foodie, Paris for the Art-lover and Paris Unexpected.

So get ready: Let's Go….


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